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Missing Daily Sales Summary

In the event that the Daily Sales Summary (DSS) does not automatically import, following the close of the preceding daily sales, try the following steps before contacting Restaurant365 Support:


1) Ensure that the Back Office Computer is running

2) Ensure that the Back Office Computer has an active internet connection


If the computer was off, or the internet was down, the auto-import tool cannot run.  Continue to the options listed below



  • Manually import the Daily Sales Summary via the Restaurant365 Auto-Import Tool
    • Note: This option is only available on Non Cloud-based POS systems and may not be available for all users. If the Restaurant365 Auto-Import Tool cannot be found on the Back Office Computer the user will need to contact Restaurant365 Support, or wait until the next morning for the Auto-Import Tool to run again


  • Wait for the Auto-Import Tool to run the following morning. Both the missing DSS and the current DSS will be imported at this time.
    • Note: The Auto-Import Tool reviews the list of existing DSSs to determine if any additional days need to be re-imported.  This occurs each time the Auto-Import Tool runs (daily).  The Auto-Import Tool will re-import any missing DSSs from the 10 previous calendar days


  • Contact Restaurant365 Support and request assistance in importing the missing sales.  Include the following details:
    • Restaurant365 URL:
    • Location Name / Number:
    • Date(s) of missing DSS(s):


Click the download button below to obtain a printable PDF of the above information to place by your Back Office Computer:

R365 Missing DSS Steps Printable

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