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The Stock Count Record is where Stock Counts reside in Restaurant365.  Stock Counts are created from Stock Count Templates, either via your Browser, or via the Restaurant365 Mobile App.  This article will describe all of the fields that are located on the Stock Count Record.  For more information on Stock Counts, refer to the Stock Count Overview


Stock Count Record /  Quick Details Tab

The header information on a Stock Count is present at the top of the record no matter what tab is being viewed.  The Quick Details tab contains the screen in which Users will record count quantities


1) Date – The date of the Stock Count.  When a Stock Count is created this value will default to the current date

2) Frequency – The frequency set on the Stock Count Template Record.  Informational only

3) Template – The name of the Stock Count Template that was used to create this Stock Count.  Informational only

4) Location – The Location in which the Stock Count was performed.  Will affect the accounting for this Location

5) Mobile Qty Entry – A setting that can be updated on each Stock Count which allows multiple users to work on the same count at once via the Restaurant365 Mobile App.  Settings include: “Replace Qty” or “Add to Current Qty”. The default setting is ‘Replace Qty’.  This means that when a Stock Count has values that have been entered and saved, but the Stock Count has not been approved, another count value can be saved over, replacing, that value on the Stock Count.  The second option of ‘Add to Current Qty’ allows users to keep existing values that have been entered in to the Stock Count and add additional counts on top of them.

  • ‘Replace Qty’ Example
    • First Saved Value: 10
    • Second Value Entered: 7
    • Final Value Saved: 7
  • ‘Add to Current Qty’ Example
    • First Saved Value: 10
    • Second Value Entered: 7
    • Final Saved Value: 17

6) Count Time – An optional field where the User can record the time in which the Stock Count was performed.  Count Times can be used on various reports in My Reports

7) Get Current Cost Button – While performing a Stock Count the User can click ‘Get Current Cost’ to ensure that the most up to date Item Costs are included in the Stock Count.  This is more applicable on a Stock Count that was started one day, then finished several days later after various AP Transactions had been entered in to the system

8) Import Stock Count Button – The Button used to select and import the CSV file with count quantities entered in to Excel

9) Resize Table Buttons – Standard view buttons in Restaurant365.  Used to increase or decrease the viewing size of the data table

10) Add Item Option – Optional line to add Purchased Items / Recipes on demand to the Stock Count without updating the Stock Count Template. Note: it is recommended that all Items being counted be added to the Stock Count Template as opposed to adding on a one-off basis

11) Quick Details Data Entry / Display Table – The data entry table where the count details will be keyed in / imported / added via Mobile App.  The data on the Quick Details tab will impact the other tabs on the Stock Count


Stock Count Details Tab

The Stock Count Details tab will sum all of the multiple Count U of Ms (if any) that are present on the Quick Details tab and display the final count quantity by line item.  Additionally the ‘Each Amount’, ‘Total’ (Each Amount * Quantity), ‘Previous Count’, and the quantity ‘Adjustment’ (if any) from the results of the Stock Count.


Distribution Tab

Once a Stock Count has been updated to include count values, the amounts on the Distribution tab will begin to populate.  The line items on the Distribution will vary depending on the ‘Cost’ and ‘Inventory’ Accounts that have been assigned to the Purchased Items / Recipes that have been included in the Stock Count.  There will be no Account impact until the Stock Count is Approved (the impact will be visible when viewing reports and including ‘Unapproved Transactions’.


Item Review Tab

The Item Review tab is used to consolidate all counts from all Storage Locations on the Quick Details tab.  If an Item was counted in more than one Storage Location, those separate counts / quantities would be consolidated to give the User a review by Item.  The Purchase Item / Recipe name is displayed, along with the ‘Quantity’, the ‘Total’ dollar amount, the ‘Previous Count’ dollar amount, and the ‘Flag’ column.  The ‘Flag’ values are as follows:

  • O Qty – a zero quantity was entered for this Item
  • Less than half – the dollar value on the current Stock Count is less than half of the previous Stock Count dollar amount
  • Twice as much – the dollar value on the current Stock Count is more than twice that of the previous Stock Count dollar amount


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