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This article is part of the Scheduling Module training.  Click here for more information on the Scheduling Module


Published Schedules can be ‘pushed’ back to the POS System up to 1 business day in advance.  Once a Schedule has been Published in R365, the Scheduled Shifts will be pushed back to the POS during the nightly DSS poll.  With the Shifts automatically entered in to the POS, settings can be placed on the POS to restrict employees from clocking in before their scheduled shift.  Typically the time window is set for 10 minutes.  R365 does not support these POS Settings and any questions about punch-in restrictions and schedules should be directed to your POS Support team.

This feature is currently only available on select POS Systems, will ongoing development for additional POSs.  Please refer to the Supported POS Systems table below for additional details


To enable the Published Scheduling Push (PSP) Feature, you must complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Employee Records must be reviewed and merged to ensure that the records match the POS Employee Record perfectly
    • Employee ID’s must be identical in R365 and the POS
  2. Create a Support Ticket requesting Published Scheduling Push be enabled
    • This step will notify R365 Support of your request
    • A member of the R365 POS Team will update the POS Integration settings to enable the Push


Performing a Push

The Scheduling Push will occur automatically as long as the Schedule has been correctly Published.  Unpublished Schedules will not be Pushed.  The Push will take place during the regular nightly DSS Poll (around 4 am Local Time).  Please Note: the Schedule Push will only occur for the next calendar day, even if multiple days are Published.  


Published Scheduling Push Supported POS Systems:

POS SystemRelease DateAdditional Details
Brink12/1/17- The scheduled Employee must be scheduled under the same Job Title as they have in Brink. If the Job Titles are different, the Scheduled Shift will not be Pushed.

- Each time the Schedule Push imports into Brink, all existing data for the day will be overwritten. Any manual changes to the POS Schedule should only be made after the Schedule Push has occurred during the morning import.

- If for any reason the R365 Employee Record didn’t match up with the Brink Employee Record, that Employee's Scheduled Shift will be not be pushed. All other Scheduled Shifts for Employees that were correctly matched will be properly pushed.
Toast12/1/17Additional Details forthcoming
Revel12/1/17Additional Details forthcoming



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