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The franchising module assists restaurant groups in tracking franchisees, each franchisee location, contracts, franchisee daily sales, and automates franchisee billing/ACH payment collection.  To access this module, select it from the drop down at the top of the left hand navigation pane.  Below is a brief description of the different elements of this module:

  • Franchisee – this is the top level franchisee that may own 1 or more franchise location stores.  On this record you store details about this franchisee, how you will bill them, view their list of stores, and create and view people who are your contacts at this franchisee.  For more information on setting up franchisees, click here
  • Franchisee Location (store) – this is a record of each franchisee restaurant store and is stored as a customer in the system since you may want to send invoices to these stores.  On this record you store details such as name and address, can upload and attach contracts and other pertinent documents for the location, store ACH payment information, and can create/view the different fees charged to the store and any reviews you’ve conducted of this franchisee.  For more information on setting up franchisee locations, click here
  • Franchisee Daily Sales – this is a summary record of sales totals for each day for each franchisee.  These records can be imported or hand entered and are used in the automated franchisee billing process as well as available in reports.  For more information on recording franchisee daily sales, click here
  • Franchisee Reviews – this allows you to track details about each review you conduct of franchisee locations.  More information on franchisee reviews is found in the franchisee location training article, found here
  • Franchising Fees – these are fees assigned to each franchisee location that will be billed to that location on a regular basis. More information on setting up franchising fees found in the franchisee location training article, found here
  • Franchisee Billing Process – this is the process you can run to auto-create AR Invoices to bill each of your franchisees for fees incurred in a specific date range.  If the franchisee is setup for ACH payment then this process also creates an ACH payment applied to the invoice and an ACH export file that can be uploaded to the bank to transfer the money from their account to yours.  For more information on the franchisee billing process, click here

Security and System Setup

If your organization has the franchising module activated then in order for individual users to access it they need to be assigned the Franchising user role.  For more information on assigning user roles, click here

There is 1 setting on System Preferences (Administration – Preferences – Sales/POS tab in top ribbon) for franchising.  If you will be passing expenses from AP invoices to franchisees then you need to set the AP Passthrough Item.  This will be the item that shows on the AR Invoices that get created for those things passed from AP.

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