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Franchisee Locations (also referred to as stores) are records for each restaurant store that your franchisees own.  They are stored as a special type of Customer in the system since you may want to send invoices to these stores.  On the Franchisee Location (store) record you store the following details:

  • Franchisee Location (store) contact information (Name and Address etc.)
  • Upload and attach contracts and other pertinent documents for the location
  • Store ACH payment information
  • Create/view the different fees charged to the store
  • Record any reviews you’ve conducted of this franchisee

To view existing franchisee locations go to Franchising – Franchisee Locations in left hand navigation and click on the one you want to open


To create a new Franchisee Location (Store) go to Franchising – New Store (in top ribbon)



Franchisee Location Form Details

In order for a customer to be considered a Franchisee Location on the Customer Additional info tab the Franchisee Location checkbox must be checked.



The General tab contains common fields such as name, address, and phone information


The Franchisee Additional Info tab contains special fields used throughout the franchising module as described below:


  • Franchisee – this is the link to the parent franchisee that owns this location
  • Payment Method – this describes how this customer pays their invoices (ACH or Check).  If ACH is marked then you must also fill out the other banking related fields in this section with the customer’s bank information (Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Bank Account Type)
  • Open Date and Contractual Open Date and Radius Protection – these are informational fields for reference only and not used in calculations
  • Franchisee Fee tab – this tab allows you to setup fees that will be billed to this franchisee.  Fees for all franchisees can be seen in one list by going to the left hand navigation and then Franchising – Franchising Fees.  Fees contain the following fields:
    • Recurring check box – Check this box if this fee should be repeated on multiple invoices.  If this is a one time fee then leave the box unchecked.
    • Item – Select the item you want to show on the invoice when this fee is billed.  For more information on setting up sales items, click here
    • Description – this is the description that will show on the invoice
    • Charge Type – options in this field are ‘Flat Amount’ or ‘% of Sales’.  If you select Flat Amount then in the following field named Total you will enter a flat amount which will be billed to the franchisee.  If you select % of Sales the in the following field named Total you will enter a % value.  % of Sales means the amount billed to the customer will be based on a % of the Franchisee Daily Sales entered for this franchisee.  For more details on entering these sales, click here
    • Total – this is the value that is used to bill the customer (either a flat amount or a % as described in Charge Type field above)
    • Start Date – this is only active if Recurring check box is checked.  If this is a recurring fee then enter the date the fee should start being billed
    • End Date – this is required for all fees.  If the fee is recurring this will be the End Date after which the recurring fee will not be billed any longer.  If the fee is not recurring then this is the one actual date this fee will be billed.
    • Sales Type – this is only active if Charge Type = % of Sales.  If so then here you can set where its a % of Gross Sales or of Net Sales.  When entering Franchisee Daily Sales have values for Gross Sales and Net Sales so this field allows you to set which of those fields you’ll use when billing this franchisee
  • Franchisee Review tab – this tab allows you to record results of franchisee reviews.  Reviews for all franchisees can be seen in one list by going to the left hand navigation and then Franchising – Franchisee Reviews.  Reviews contain the following fields:
    • Date – Date of the review
    • Pass – yes/no
    • Score – number field
    • Frequency – free text field to record a frequency for your reference such as Monthly or Annual
    • Description and Comment are free text fields to record more information

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