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Entering An Item Transfer

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The Item Transfer function allows you to record item transfers between restaurants. This will ensure your item inventory levels are adjusted as you transfer items.

Note: In order to use this feature you must have ‘Item Costing’ Setup. Click on this link to learn more about ‘Item Costing’
To begin select ‘Item’ in the top ribbon, then select ‘Item Transfer’’
A new window will open. Update the Header fields. Then enter the item, quantity and a detail comment (comment is optional) of each item being transferred and select add to add each line item.
Number: The transaction Number is auto-generated and should not need to be changed.
Date: The date of the Item Transfer
Transfer From: Restaurant item is being transferred from
Transfer To: Restaurant item is being transferred to
Comment: Summary comment regarding the transfer
Once you have completed the header and added all the items being transferred, select ‘Save’ in the top ribbon. 
Now that you have saved the ‘Item Transfer’ you can print a ‘Transfer Sheet’. Select ‘Action’, then select ‘Print Transfer Sheet’ in the top ribbon. 
A new window will appear. Click on the ‘Save’ icon to create PDF and print.
Now that you have printed the transfer sheet, select ‘Save & Close’ to complete the transfer.  To access a ‘List View’ to view, edit, approve your saved ’Item Transfers’ select ‘Inventory Transactions’ in the ribbon on the left in the ‘Operations’ module. 
That covers the basics of ‘Entering An Item Transfer’. Thank you for attending this training session. This article is one of many training sessions available to you on-demand. We invite you to continue your training so that you can get the most out of Restaurant365 to help your restaurant reach it’s full potential.

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