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The Employee record allows you to manage Employee details such as Employee Name, Contact Information, Employee Photo, and Scheduling Availability.  This record is created automatically after the POS Integration has been completed.  Each Employee record represents an Employee that has been entered in to your POS Systems.  As Employees may work at several of your Locations, there is a possibility that some of the Employee records are duplicate entries.  These records will need to be merged in order to properly use the Scheduling and Manager Log modules.  Click here for more information on Merging Employee Records.  Please refer to the Employee App Access article for more information on granting your Employees access to the R365 Mobile App.

Employee Information Import from POS

Depending on the amount of information that has been entered in to your POS system, the Employee record will include the Employee Name, Locations, and Job Titles.  An organizational decision will need to be made to determine where the Employee information will be maintained:

1) Within Restaurant365

2) Within the POS

As not all Employee information is importable from all POS systems, it is recommended that Employee information be updated and maintained within Restaurant365.

To ensure that the Employee information in the POS does not overwrite the Employee information in Restaurant365, navigate to the ‘Preferences’ pane via the ‘Administration’ menu in the top ribbon.  Select the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab, then verify that the ‘POS Overwrite Employee Info’ checkbox is unchecked.  By default this value should be unchecked.  With this checkbox unchecked, POS Employee data will not overwrite Restaurant365 Employee data during the daily imports.  Click here for more information on POS Integration Settings


Creating Employees

There are two ways to Create Employees in Restaurant365:

  1. Automatic import and creating from the POS.  New Employees will be imported with the DSS each night
  2. Manual creation

Manual Creation

To setup an Employee manually, select ‘New Employee’ on the ‘Scheduling’ menu in the top ribbon.  This will open a blank Employee record where the Employee information can be entered and saved.


Viewing Employees

The ‘Employees’ list can be viewed in two places in Restaurant365:

  1. Operations module: Employees list
  2. Scheduling module: Employees list

Similar to all other lists in R365, locate the record you want to view, then double click the row to open the record in a new tab.


Employee Record

The employee form has various tabs to enter and review information about the employee as described below:

General tab

This tab contains most of the information you setup for the Employee such as Name, Contact information, Primary Location, and Preferred Contact Method


* indicates that this information is typically imported from the POS

1) Picture – to store an image of the Employee click the ‘Upload Picture’ button and browse to the image on your computer.  This image will show in various places in the application including the Scheduling screen

2) Name* – enter the full name of the Employee

3) Employee Birthday – set the Employee Birthday to view Birthday indicators on the Manager Log Calendar View

4) Payroll ID – enter the payroll ID for payroll punch exports via ‘My Reports’ 

5) Address* – to set the address, click the Change Address button to open the address popup form where you can set the address

6) Primary Location – select the primary Location for the Employee

7) Hire Date* – informational only

8) Preferred Contact Method – this setting will determine how the Employee receives notifications from R365, including shift alerts, announcements, and Manager Log alerts.  Contact method options are Text, Email, or Both Text & Email

9) Email Address – set the email address, a required field

10) Mobile Phone # – enter the phone number, required if allowing text messaging

11) Allow Tex Messaging – yes or no

12) Break Waiver – this is used in labor break violation calculations as described in Break and Shift Violation training

13) Inactive – check this box to deactivate this employee record and suspend access to Restaurant365

14) App Access – checking this box will automatically create a User profile for this employee and assign them the ‘Employee App Access’ security role.  The employee access to the system, including their Location access, and access to Manager Log would then be managed and updated on their User record.  Click here for more information on User Location & Security Roles.  Click here for more information on Employee App Access

15) Upload File – to add other attachments such as signed copies of employment agreements, break waivers, etc, upload them here


Employee Note tab

Restaurant Managers can record Employee Notes that will be listed on this tab.  Employee Notes can be for a myriad of reasons such as ‘No Show’, ‘Late for shift’, ‘Exceptional Service’ etc.  Notes can be entered using the following:

  1. DSS: Labor tab – Select the Employee, then type up the Employee Note and click ‘Save Note’
  2. Manager Log: Daily Overview Labor – same as above
  3. Manager Log: Note – Employee – hover over the Manager Log menu, select ‘Note’, then choose ‘Employee’


Punches tab

This list shows all the detailed labor punches when this Employee has clocked in and out of the POS


Locations tab

This tab displays all the Locations where this Employee record exists on a POS.


Availability tab

This tab is used in the Scheduling module to help the Restaurant Manager or Scheduler determine when to schedule the Employee.  This is where you specify the general availability for the Employee for each day of the week.  Options are ‘Available All Day’, ‘Unavailable All Day’, or specific start and end times of availability.

Setting this won’t prevent the Employee from being scheduled at these times but they will show up on the schedule as a visual flag for the scheduler to take into account when assigning shifts.


Jobs tab

On this tab you can see and manage which Jobs are assigned to this Employee.  To add a Job, select it from the fields above the grid and click ‘Add’.  To remove a Job click the Delete button (trashcan icon) on the row you want to remove.

This also has a Rating field.  The rating is used in Scheduling so that you can set that a specific shift must be filled by an employee with a certain rating (i.e., only 4 star or above Bartenders can work the Friday night shift).  You can use this to limit the possible employees who can work that shift based on the rating.

Ratings can be easily managed by clicking the appropriate stars on the row next to each Job.  Star ratings are not visible to Employees, but are visible to the ‘Scheduler’ role.



Responsibilities tab

This tab shows which Job Responsibilities this Employee has.  You can add them by selecting from the dropdown above the grid and clicking the ‘Add’ button and can remove them by clicking the trashcan icon on the row you want to remove.

Job responsibilities allow you to break a Job down into more detailed responsibilities/qualifications/certifications.  You can then assign these Responsibilities to only certain Employees.  When creating shifts in Scheduling you can specify what responsibility the Employee must have in order to fulfill that shift.  This will limit which possible Employees can be selected.

For example if you have a job called ‘Cook’ and you want to schedule one ‘Cook’ shift for the grill and another for the fryer, then ‘Grill’ and ‘Fryer’ could be setup as Responsibilities, and assigned to the specific Shifts.  Any Employee that has the Job title, as well as the Responsibility would be available to assign to that Shift.  Click here for more information on Job Responsibilities


POS Employee Link

To manage this relationship between multiple POS employee records pointing to the same Master Employee in Restaurant365, the system has two types of employee records:

  1. POS Employee record – these records match the records in the POS system at each Location.  So if an Employee works at more than one Location then they will have more than one POS Employee record in Restaurant365.    These only have a few fields on them just to allow the system to match to the POS by POS ID, Location, and Full Name.  This record isn’t used in the Scheduling module.
  2. Employee record – These records serve as the main Employee record.  If labor notes are made about an Employee or reviews will be held, this is the record referenced on those reports and forms.  If you store a break waiver for the employee it is on this record.  You should work to keep the system clean so there is only one of these records per employee.


POS Employee Mapping

During POS import, the system creates a POS Employee record and a matching Employee record for any Employee that doesn’t already have a POS Employee record in the system at that Location.  The POS Employee record is linked to the Employee record by the Employee link field on the POS Employee form.  By default when a new POS Employee is identified it creates both type of Employee records in the system and links them.  However, if the Employee already has a master Employee record in the system because they work at another location then follow these steps to link the new POS Employee record to the master Employee:

  1. Open the POS Employee record from the list (accessed in left hand navigation under Operations – Labor – POS Employees)
  2. Use the Employee dropdown to unlink the new employee record that got created and select the master Employee record for that person that already existed and then hit Save (this form doesn’t allow you to change Full Name, POS ID, or Location and you cannot delete these records because they’re created by the POS)
  3. Open the new Employee record that just got created that you unlinked from the POS Employee from the list (accessed in left hand navigation under Operations – Labor – POS Employees)


  • John Smith works at the Bar & Grill Cerritos location and the POS imported a POS Employee and an Employee record for him with this as his primary location
  • Then in the future he worked at the Belmont Shore location.  During the POS import from Belmont Shore the first time, a POS Employee record was created for John Smith and an Employee record was created for John Smith with Belmont Shore as his primary location.  The reason the system creates an Employee record for him again is at this time there is no way for the system to know John Smith is the same person as the other John Smith (since you may have multiple employees with the same name).
  • So we want to link the new POS Employee record for John Smith at Belmont Short to the Employee record that already existed for him that had Bar & Grill Cerritos as his primary location and remove the 2nd master Employee record for John Smith that just got created
  • To do this we open the POS Employee record for John Smith at Belmont Short, change the employee dropdown to John Smith – Bar & Grill Cerritos and Save & Close the window (pictured below)
  • Then go to the Employee list and open the Employee record for John Smith where primary location is Belmont Shore and Delete that record



Note: This article has been rewritten as of 9/15/17.  Click here to download the original version

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