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Add a New Sales Item

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To begin the process of adding a New Sales Item to Restaurant365, hover over Item in the top ribbon and click New Sales Item.

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The ‘New Item’ window appears with the Item Type set to ‘Sell Only’


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A sales item is something you are going to sell to a customer but are not going to enter in your point of sale system. It may be something such as consulting services or rental of party equipment. It is an item that you will add to an invoice and send to your customers for payment with terms.

As an example, I’ll add an item called ‘Room Rental’, the ‘Number’ field is optional but we’ll type in ’200′ for this example and then type in the specific room name in the ‘Description’ field. Next, let’s mark ‘Available to Sell.’

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The second tab labeled ‘Sales’ allows us to enter a few additional settings for items we sell.The ‘Selling U of M’ is the unit measurement we sell for this item – for our example, let’s put ‘Hours’. It is the value that will be displayed on the invoice the customer will receive. The Selling Price should be the ‘List Price’ for a single unit of this item.Next, let’s add the revenue (or sales) account for this item and then mark whether or not it is taxable to the customer. The Sales Account is where the revenue from the sale of this item will be accounted for. In order to enhance security, there isn’t a way to change the sales account for an item on the AR Invoice transaction itself. So it’s helpful to be specific when creating items. For this reason it is advisable to create at least one Sales Item for each of the sales accounts you may include on an AR Invoice.

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As a final note, to see a list of all existing sales items, be sure you are in the ‘Accounting’ module in the Navigation Pane and then click on ‘Sales Items’ in the Accounts Receivable section.

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